Star Wars RPG

This page is full of resources I have made, or which I’m involved in, to help with running games of Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Roleplaying systems (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, or Force and Destiny).

Game Master’s Screen

I’ve made a GM screen for the game, which aims to include more relevant information for the GM than the screens which come in the official Game Master’s Kits. My screen includes information on:

  • Skills, including their base Characteristic and what you can spend dice results on
  • Mechanics for item rarity
  • Social skill interactions
  • Fear checks
  • Encumbrance
  • Item qualities
  • Incidentals, maneuvers, and actions in encounters
  • Spending dice results in combat
  • Conditional and situational modifiers
  • Environmental effects
  • States of health, recovery, and healing
  • Maneuvers and actions in starship encounters
  • Spending dice results in starship combat

If this seems like it might be useful for you, visit Dropbox to download the format of your choice.

Talent trees

I am a huge fan of Begging for XP’s talent trees but they haven’t been updated with some newer content, so I deconstructed the trees in Illustrator. I have started a GitHub repo which contains the trees for the Dawn of Rebellion source book and tools and tips for making new trees. Please feel free to fork the repo and help out.


I made a T-shirt you might like if you’re a fan of the Star Wars or Genesys RPGs.