Revolver relents, IRON SKY gets more release dates

Revolver Entertainment have finally accepted the need for more showings of sf film IRON SKY.

Attached to a private photo on the ‘Iron Sky UK’ Facebook page, Revolver Entertainment posted the following information:

We have always said that the theatrical run of IRON SKY may go beyond a single day release and here’s the news you’ve all been waiting for…

Revolver is pleased to confirm that after taking on board each and every one of your comments, thoughts and feedback which we sent on to our cinema partners and with their support we are happy to announce that we are extending the film’s run in the UK. Following on from the exclusive bloggers premiere on 21st May and the unique IRON SKY DAY on 23rd May, the film will continue to play at selected cinemas for as long as demand dictates. Now is the chance for all of you that have been so vocal to come out, support the film and keep it showing.

In an Official Statement, Ben Freedman, owner of London’s Prince Charles cinema, commented: “We’ve always been in discussions with Revolver about extending the theatrical run of IRON SKY and they have always agreed that if demand was strong enough we would keep it going. We have enormous belief in the potential of the film to become a cult classic in the vein of Rocky Horror and The Room and keep audiences flocking to the Prince Charles for many years to come.

The cinemas which will receive extra showings are still being listed, but I’m pleased to note that the Showcase Cinema De Lux in Leicester is amongst them.

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