Fanac Issues

Procrastinations 9: Iconography

Articles by Chris Garcia, Jacqueline Monahan, Kim Kofmel, Warren Buff, España Sheriff, and David Haddock.

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The more observant amongst you will have noticed, no doubt, that this is my first fanzine of the year. Some of you will know that my last fanzine was released in March of 2010, making this a gap of over eighteen months. This issue should really have been released at Novacon 40, with Procrastinations #10 following at Illustrious, but those plans were disrupted by a sinus infection and final year examinations respectively. (Sinus infections are not in any way fun.) Frankly, though, you don’t really care. You just want to read the articles contained within – and who can blame you?

This marks the first time the editorial has been moved to the inside page, rather than being on the front cover. This is as a result of the formatting changes required for the transition to publishing in the ePub format, alongside the paper and PDF copies that were already offered – I’m still working out how best to offer both as I write this, and it’s proving to be an enjoyable challenge. I talk more about first times in my closing remarks, which, as ever, remain on the back cover.

This issue’s theme is personal heroes, inspired by the death of Steve Jobs in October, and I’ve asked fans to write about people who inspired and influenced them, or to write about the concept of role models and icons more generally. I am a huge fan of the articles that I’ve received this time around, and I’m really rather proud of how on-topic everyone is.

The contents this time around include contributions from the three candidates to make the TAFF trip to Olympus 2012. I do hope you will read their contributions and vote. I’ve expanded on this request in our first article, with details about the current race, my TAFF trip and a bit of talk about my TAFF report. It’s nice being back in the editor’s chair for this issue. Enjoy!