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Procrastinations 8: Silver Screen

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The more observant of you will have noticed that this is my first entry to the world of fanzines since April, in which I pubbed my seventh ish. Unfortunately, life has somewhat gotten the better of me at this point! This also means I have been paying less attention to my mailing list than I should have been, so if you expected to receive a paper copy of Procrastinations #7 and it never appeared, please get in touch with me and I’ll add your name to a list of people who need to be sent a copy. Alternatively, you can always read it on eFanzines (the link is above, and #7 is finally up!).

As is traditional for Procrastinations, the Eastercon issue usually mentions at least one of my panels, and this issue is no exception. I appear on a panel about Sherlock Holmes at Odyssey 2010 and need to do some rereading of the books beforehand, but for now, I’ve jotted some thoughts down here and hope you enjoy them.