Fanac Issues

Procrastinations 7: The Whooshing Sound

Articles by James Bacon, David Haddock, and Claire Brialey.

Ironically, given the title, this issue of Procrastinations is the one that I’ve finished the furthest in advance [it was so easy to write that a couple of weeks before Eastercon—Ed]! Several months have passed since Procrastinations #6, and I should probably mention that I am editing LX’s newsletter, this year, entitled The Voice – issues will be appearing at strategic positions throughout the convention on a regular basis, and if you feel like submitting any content please feel free to come and bug me.

This issue, it feels slightly like I’m selling out, because I’ve reprinted an article I originally wrote for ZZ9’s magazine, Mostly Harmless – however, I am really stoked about the new Hitchhiker’s Guide novel by Eoin Colfer that’s coming up, so I wanted to include it. I apologise in advance to anyone who gets both MH and this publication, but you can always skip it and move onto the contributions (which are particularly awesome this issue, if I do say so myself!).