Fanac Issues

Procrastinations 4: Square-Eyed

Articles by Flick, Claire Brialey, Chris Garcia, Lee Lavell, James Bacon, and Max.

This is the first issue of Procrastinations that has been published in the proper order, in that it actually comes after all the issues that preceded it. I’ve got some really good people writing articles for me this issue and I’m ecstatic that they were all foolish enough to say yes.

Just one thing that it is very important I mention at this point: Vote Chris Garcia for TAFF. Chris is a real asset to fandom, both in the US and to anyone who’s ever had anything to do with fanzines. He’s one of the most active members of fanzine fandom I know, whilst being very nice, to boot. The man’s a legend and I’d love to have the opportunity to meet him at Orbital so please vote for him to come over next year.