Fanac Issues

Procrastinations 13

Articles by Claire Brialey, Meg Frank, Hannah Peaden, and Crystal Huff.

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A lot has changed since the last issue of Procrastinations. Loncon 3 became a Worldcon, and then became the seated Worldcon, and then it was later this year, and argh.

Yes, it really has been eighteen months since the last issue was published at the end of 2012. I had grand plans for both 2012 and 2013 when it came to zines, and I’m a bit gutted that I didn’t get more done in either year, but no matter: these things happen.

The theme of this issue is burnout. I’ve felt pretty burned out from Loncon 3, with the amount of emails being way more than anyone should have to receive. I’ve stopped deriving pleasure from my post on the committee, and it’s instead become a source of dread and of anxiety, so I’m stepping down after PR3 – it’s my last commitment, and I should probably be working on completing it instead of putting this issue together.

The issue comes with feeling like I’m letting people down. I tend to only get involved with projects that I’m personally invested and passionate about. As a result, it’s hard to drop something like Loncon 3, which I really want to see succeed. I know that sometimes people burn out because they’re passionate enough about a project that they start to get frustrated that people are making what they perceive to be the ‘wrong’ decisions – but I think the committee are, broadly speaking, doing a fantastic job and that Loncon 3 will be the Best. Worldcon. Evar. Naturally, I have concerns over certain things, but for those you can catch me in the bar.

I invited several people to contribute to this thirteenth issue of Procrastinations and I’m really thrilled with the calibre of people who chose to send me a contribution. The artwork on the front cover is by the übertalented España Sheriff, who also provided the cover for Procrastinations #10. I have artwork from Petri Hiltunen, Vesa Lehtimäki, and Julie Dillon – thanks to Helsinki in 2017 for contacting them on my behalf! I also have textual contributions from Claire Brialey, Meg Frank, Hannah Peaden and Crystal Huff.

When I was asking people to contribute to this zine I wanted to ask people that I know have had experiences with burnout, specifically (in most cases) from convention running. Not everyone replied, but something that I didn’t notice until after I’d sought contributors and looked at the list: the people I had asked were all female. Initially I felt a small amount of warmth in that thought, but then I became worried. Does it mean anything, that the people that came to mind when thinking about fannish burnout are all women? (I actually thought of a bloke that it would have been nice to feature but way too late to sensibly expect him to write anything, which is always the way when it comes to me and editing fanzines.)

So, this issue is going to be out in time for Satellite 4, the 2014 Eastercon. I’m putting together the newsletter there and I expect there to be a lot going on; the programme is exciting and it should be a good weekend. Also, the TAFF race is coming to a close, so I’ll be excited to see who wins and comes to visit later this year. Since starting this editorial, I have been joined by Crystal Huff, who is currently sitting on my sofa and pointing out all the typos. I’m sure I’ll spot several as I’m giving them out, though, as is tradition.

So: next stop, Satellite 4. See you in the bar/newsletter office!