Fanac Issues

Procrastinations 11

Articles by Mette Hedin, Taral Wayne, and Mark Plummer.

Download the files here:

First things (literally) first: the front cover artwork is a) a gorgeous fantasy representation of Iron Man and b) completely not representative of anything else in this issue. I saw it and I really wanted to put it on the front of the fanzine, and so I asked the artist – *theDURRRRIAN on deviantART – who kindly gave permission.

It’s a short editorial this issue, since I’ve just been ill for a week preceding my trip to Chicon 7 (so excited!) and so I have a pretty packed to do list as a result. I also had to cut a page to make the page count divide by four, so the editorial seemed ripe for the cutting (especially as I never actually really know what to say here).

Thanks must go this issue to many people; Mark, for making me giggle and forcing me to come up with my own peanut butter/syringe artwork; Taral, for the horrific idea of voice-operated Photoshop; and Mette for her epic piece and accompanying images. I hope you enjoy her descent into cowboy fandom as much as I did.

See you in the bar!