Fanac Issues

Procrastinations 10

Articles by James Bacon, Claire Brialey, Chris Garcia, and España Sheriff.

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First things first – I need to apologise to Steve Green for claiming that last issue was the first to feature fan art. That’s untrue, in fact: Procrastinations #6 featured some of his artwork, and damn fine it was too.

With that rather unfortunate mistake corrected, on with the editorial. While I’m on the subject of artwork, I am trying to include more art in Procrastinations right now. I’m partly achieving this by scouring both Flickr and DeviantArt for Creative Commons-licenced artwork, but I would really appreciate fan art from people reading the zine. If you’re happy for me to ask you for art, please tell me, so I can let you know next time I’m putting an issue together.

Last issue was an issue of many firsts. This one is, perhaps, an issue of fewer firsts, but it’s a first in one important way: look at that cover art! As always, España has been very kind to me and made me extremely happy indeed – I am a very, very lucky man (and fanzine editor).

I am perhaps slightly fond of themes in fanzines. This issue of Procrastinations is no different, as I asked people to talk about different fandoms. I’ve gotten a wide range of responses, featuring no less than three Hugo Award winners giving their thoughts on the subject. A 3:2 ratio isn’t bad, right? It’s pleasing to get locs from some people that haven’t written in before, so thanks to everyone who did pen their opinions on the last issue. If you enjoy this issue, please get in touch! If you disagree with something, write in and start an argument in the lettercol – we’re always looking to have debates, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

I am writing this editorial the weekend before Olympus 2012 hits London Heathrow. The convention has sold out – that is, they’ve reached the limit allowed by the hotel, which is a phenomenal achievement. Well done to everyone involved! I will be in attendance, as will Jacqueline Monahan, who wrote an article in the last issue of Procrastinations: this is because she is the TAFF delegate, so many congratulations to her.

On the subject of TAFF and Eastercon, I’m using this weekend to write a TAFF newsletter that will, among other things, have a list of the fan fund programming and activities that are happening over the convention. Look out for it on, and also on paper at Olympus 2012 itself.

I have to cut this editorial short now, since the day is currently running out and I should really try to grab some sleep at some stage, or I’m not going to be able to get much more done this weekend! Please do look out for the TAFF newsletter over the course of Olympus, and come to the auction and the quiz and all the other things we will be doing. The fan funds are only made possible through the incredible generosity of the fans who support them.

See you in the bar!